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How do you explain an engine without graphics?

The Benefits of Digital Training Simulators and VR


Mimics real-life situations.

Digital training simulators can be used to create interactive scenarios which mirror real-life situations. This immersive training can include simulating the way equipment responds, imitating the way machinery works, and practicing human actions.

Complex situations can be simplified.

Complex situations and processes can be recreated, allowing employees to practice situations in a simulated environment.

Makes training enjoyable and entertaining.

With 1 in 3 employees claiming uninspiring content is a barrier to their learning, today’s workforce needs training that stimulates, interests and is applicable to their role. 

Improves retention and recall.

With VR and digital training simulators changing engagement levels among staff, it naturally increases retention levels of the information delivered during training sessions.

Suitable for many different learning styles.

People have different learning styles - they may be visual, aural, verbal, or physical learners. VR and digital simulation training takes all learning styles into account.