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Guide to Getting More Pre-Qualified Attendees

at a Trade Show.

If your company has an exhibitor booth at a trade show, we can help you get more pre-qualified attendees to come up and speak with you than otherwise would.



Why Qualified Attendees Walk by Your Booth

People instantly weigh their cost versus benefit:


Reason to Stop By

  • Your product might be relevant.

Reason to Keep Walking

  • Your sales man will “catch them” by talking, they will feel uncomfortable (rude) to leave, and they will waste time if the product isn’t a fit.


Your printed banners only show general information. Your product might be relevant, but it might not be, and attendees can’t tell from banners alone.

Your brochures are detailed, but they are on the table, and your salesmen are right there, so getting a detailed brochure means risking being trapped by a sales speech or “can I scan your badge.”

If you attended enough trade shows as a visitor, you might have done the same: walked by exhibitor booths to avoid the sales staff. You want to look at the exhibit at your own pace.


How to Make Pre-Qualified Attendees Stop by Your Booth

You need to communicate detailed enough information over a distance that attendees can receive and process anonymously before coming to your booth.

Let’s break it down:

  • communicate detailed enough information

  • over a distance

  • that attendees can receive and process anonymously


Your booth needs a screen playing a short animation that explains your product in just enough detail for attendees to understand whether it’s relevant to them.

That’s it.


How to Turn Pre-Qualified Attendees into Warmer Leads

Besides pre-qualifying attendees, your animation quickly gives them enough basic information to begin a meaningful conversation with the sales staff.

No more “so, what do you do?”

Instead, it’s “so tell me about the liquid-cooling function.”


After the Trade Show

Unlike other trade show expenses, you can use the same trade show animation in your marketing materials, on your website and social media.


Why Not Video?

How do you explain a car engine with only live footage? You can’t. But you can do it in under 60 seconds with animation. Animation can show the impossible shot, is easier to edit, updated, and usually easier to produce.

  • Depict anything. Too big, too small, too fast, too dangerous or simply invisible for video? Animate.

  • Easy to understand. Color coded text and diagrams superimposed over the subject matter animation.

  • Easy to edit. There is no changing video footage once it’s shot, but animation can be changed at any time.

  • No video crews means no logistics hassle and no downtime.