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Safety procedures have to be top of mind during every minute on the job.



There can be no exceptions; things can happen fast.

So 3D-based instruction, either an animation or an interactive 3D safety trainer, is a must. What’s the difference?

Use 3D animation when your trainees need to understand and remember concepts, processes, how things work. Things like:

  • How exactly safety equipment or failsafes work, and why not engaging them properly negates their benefit;

  • What happens “behind the scenes” of safety rules like not removing a radiator cap on a running engine;

  • What is meant exactly by a specific safety guideline or regulation.


Use interactive 3D safety trainers when trainees need to practice procedures, maintenance, or protocol. Good use cases include:

  • How to safely deploy equipment;

  • Regular equipment use;

  • Emergency safety protocols.

Interactive 3D safety trainers can be multi-subject and contain a large number of scenarios, tools, and procedures. Animation is best kept to one subject per animation to help comprehension, although you can have unlimited animations, each for a new subject.