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How to explain my technology in two minutes?


The Challenge: growing technology complexity and diminishing attention spans.

Use product overview animation when you compete for prospects’ attention at a trade show or online.

Having a screen at a trade show is a must. Both attendees and exhibitors are tired after a while. Even people who could be leads want to avoid the discomfort of talking to a new person and hearing a spiel. When you put up a screen, you give attendees a chance to understand your sales pitch in comfort and decide to approach your trade show team. Some companies miss this opportunity by playing glossy slow-motion video of their machinery or client interviews. At trade shows, use your screens to present an informative sales pitch, playing on repeat for passers-by to see.

Your website and social media are similar. You can include all of your video assets on YouTube, but remember to have an Overview Animation instead of a sizzle video to capture attention of technical buyers.