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 Private Label

We produce content for other studios.


In addition to our core competencies in 3D animation, interactive training simulation, and virtual and augmented reality software, we have produced private label content for studios all over the US, Canada and UK for over a decade.

We have supported construction projects in China, Saudi Araba, the UK and Barbados; Discovery Channel (Rise of the Machines 2) animation in Canada and the UK, EPA-focused animation in the US, programming in support of a medical giant in Germany; technical training animation for a US-Germany enterprise; medical animations for novel medical procedures involving the Da Vinci surgical robot and ultrasound, massive litigation involving iconic West Coast highrises and AAA game studios; a helicopter manufacturers’ new office; animation for a materials handling equipment company; instructional manual conversion for a major chainsaw manufacturer; marketing imagery for a small fixed-wing aircraft company; and many more.

Our private label clients range from small businesses to middle-marketing companies that have to produce graphics, animation and programming as part of their regular business. If this sounds like you, we can discuss private label production so you can focus on building your brand.