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The Business Case for Virtual Training

The business case for virtual training is in training many people, even in different locations or over time, the same tasks or the same equipment. It makes sense when hands-on training is too expensive, equipment is not available or scheduling is difficult. Virtual training can mean either animation or interactive simulation. You just watch an animation, but you learn by doing in a simulation. Either way has its place.

Virtual training is a strong addition to hands-on training on real equipment. Some use cases:


Equipment familiarization.

Introduce new equipment, layout, controls, warnings, and specs.


Process practice.

An interactive simulation is great for practicing a step-by-step process, correcting user mistakes, giving hints, and keeping score (time to complete a task, mistakes made). A simulation can run on any computer, Windows or Mac, any tablet or smartphone.

Use it to train standard processes, with trainees, or with new product or process rollouts.


Maintenance guides.

An animated step-by-step guide is a great addition to a PDF manual. Seeing how parts assemble and disassemble in 3D space on a screen is just more informative than trying to imagine it from PDF diagrams. It makes it easier for clients to service and maintain your products.