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Make machinery and equipment easy to understand.

Can you explain how a car engine works using video? With animation, you do it in under two minutes flat.



The best way for people to understand your equipment is to use either 3D animation or an interactive 3D training module. These options are better than text, pictures, and even video. 3D-based products show your equipment from all angles, show what’s inside down to any level of detail and show and processes and movement going on.


Keep your current training methods – just add 3D to it.

Keep your existing manuals, videos, classes and brochures. Just give people an option to use 3D for the most important stuff. We have had use cases as varied as industrial machinery and medical equipment. Most cases had existing factory- or dealer-supplied manuals, but 3D animation made sense anyway, just to get the point across in minutes.

So what can you do with 3D?

  • Convert manuals into easy to follow animation;

  • Explain equipment or process highlights to buyers or users;

  • Explain safety procedures and protocols;

  • Explain common maintenance procedures.


Just to name a few things.