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Chicago, IL 60642

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 About Chicago Technical Media. 

Chicago Technical Media is a studio in the heart of Chicago and part of Chicago's first industrial incubator, mHub. For Chicago Technical, this means a chance to work with some of the region's as well as nation's most prominent industrial companies.

Our mission is two-fold:

To help you sell your product, and to ensure institutional knowledge transfer from the retiring Baby Boomers to the incoming Millenials.

We can support your marketing by producing catchy and informative 3D animation and images. We can help you with a trade show, your website, social media, and in-person presentations. 

Our training uses interactive simulation where users learn by doing, as well as computer animation which explains your processes and machinery. Whether animation or learn by doing simulations, you'll be able to teach complicated concepts in an easy way, and always have a record of an employee's or contractor's successful course completion, to help with liability considerations.